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  Sharon Fogarty Dance Theatre "Fogarty has mixed humor and terror with a deft hand." - Backstage
"A glorious embodiment of the difficulties that artists have tyo suffer in trying to create their art." - Anti-matters, NYC.
"Tragically funny, painfully honest," - Buffalo News.
  Company Headquarters:
Sharon Fogarty Dance Theatre
211 East 18th Street #5E
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-2770

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"THE OVERDEVELOPMENT OF SCOTT", a science fiction anti-musical comedy created and directed by Sharon J. Fogarty.

February 22, 23, 24, 25 (2001) at Dixon Place, 309 East 26th Street (just east of Second Avenue in Manhattan). Reservations: (212) 532-1546.

Seven genetically engineered lab test subjects find love, hate and freedom from their neglective and abusive lab life.

Book, music, lyrics and choreography by Sharon Fogarty.

Cast: Sam Riegel, John Hartmann, Robyn Hussa, Anne Marie Nest, Elizabeth Mozer, Karen Christie Ward, Sanjay Kaul, Jason Grossman, Monica Russell and Charles Moran.